Pinnacle Dragon Boat Club


Swim testing on Wednesday

Published Mon 27 Sep 2021

As you know, Dragon boating is a water sport, and any water sport has risks. We need to know who MUST wear a pfd in the boat, so the swim test let's us know which box to tick. Of course, anyone can choose to wear a pfd in summer as well as in our winter season when it is mandatory.
The test itself has two options: you can swim 50 metres, any style, and tread water/float/ skull for 3 minutes OR you can tread water (in water deep enough so you can't touch the bottom) for 15 minutes. You'll need to wear clothes, paddling gear of shorts and shirt is fine.

The test are being held at the Orange Aquatic Centre, in Hill Street. Mary Brell and Gerry Colless will be doing the assessing.

The first testing session will be on Wednesday 29 September between 10 am and 11am, with 4 x 15 minute time slots. Check TeamApp to see how to book your slot. As it is school holidays, we hope alll of the under-24's will be able to get tested on Wednesday. Adults of course are welcome as well.

Thgere will be mmore times for the swim test in the future, but we would like as many as possible to be there on Wednesday. It is short notice- but then we're only just our of lockdown, and the pool has just re-opened.

We'll also do some swimming at the lake once the water is a bit warmer, to make the treading water and swimming more authentic, just in case we ever casize.

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